I sleep with my iPod touch

I do. I check my Facebook app when I wake up for any updates, my Gmail, TradeMe, the weather, News and Skype….you name it! I go into puzzles and games and why not check google earth once in a while in the hope to see places that I am yet to discover.

When do this frenzy started? There was the time when only my alarm clock mattered…then came the beepers. I used to recite poems and love letters to the stranger on the other side of the phone who was typing the message for me. Then came the Chat rooms and the feel of a world out there to reach and communicate with!

Facebook came along and changed everything, even MySpace. It took me two years to join Facebook and another one to buy my first iPod touch.  After that came the Macbook, Macbook pro, Macbook air, the iMac, the iPad *I want one so much! (Dear Santa, are you listening?)and now the Apple Tv.

My partner bought one the other day as his own Christmas present. It is TV reinvented. All is streaming online and connecting with your computer wirelessly.  You can access your photo galleries, music, documents and videos and watch them in you flat screen TV ( like if our 21.5 ” computer screen is not big enough). It is the HD content what makes is special you see? I have to say though… I still cant figure out how to search the thousands of channels and content, podcasts, videos, etc. But I guess it is a matter of time, I mean who can keep up with all this Gadget madness!  One day I will not only sleep with my iPod touch, I will probably be able to stream my dreams live into my WordPress blog, Facebook page or tweeter with the right app right?