Chocolate cravings and other bla bla bla!

I have been wanting chocolate for the past three days…actually not just chocolate, a BIG FLUFFY piece of chocolate cake.

The fact that I was looking at chocolate cake images on saturday for the design of the banner on my food section did not help! On top of that I stayed all day Sunday at home after a late night. (I went to bed at 1 am watching a movie is not worth mentioning!) So I could not satisfy my craving because the only three things I could find in my fridge was one tomato, half a cucumber and a cup of lentils….

I read the planetary alignment happening at the moment…Mercury retrograde (which means not being able to communicate properly what one is thinking or feeling), pluto and mars in conjunction (say mix a drive for transformation with charged energy ready to erupt) and the Moon in  moody Pieces! No wonder I ended up with a migraine.

Today the morning greets me with mist traveling softly trough the air and ducks quacking on the nearby river, coffee is on the plunger and the determination to bake my very own chocolate cake, that is after I finish what I´m suppose to be working on and stop jumping from ¨tab¨ to ¨tab¨checking the Facebook updates, browsing my favorite magazine online, reading some news…watching a documentary on WikkiLeaks (WikiRebels: The Documentary | WikiLeaks & Julian Assange), looking at the 50 most amazing inventions of the decade in Time magazine, and the all time 100 Gadgets …Oh boy…multitasking is definitely one of the traits of anyone on this Digital Era..I mean..all this interesting content floating in cyberspace and not enough time to read it! That is why Flipboard was invented right?

I still have to write my list of things I want to accomplish for 2011, and finish what I was set to do on my wish list for 2010..but I guess everyone procrastinates huh!

So here is the recipe for a mouth watering chocolate cake…  and time for me to brew some fresh coffee before my brain explodes.

I´m OFF now.

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