TRANSFORMERS 3: Just another slap in the face to world´s poverty

by Alex DLR for Onlifemag Dec, 16th, 2010

I can understand why the world of entertainment spends millions of dollars in just making movies. I know that probably the money could be spent wisely and take care of more important issues in the world.

But I also know that I, like a lot of people, enjoy having a break from the terrible things of the world and not think about them once in a while. That is when I grab a DVD and push play and watch a movie, and depending on the mood I am is the kind of movie a pick…  If the movie I just watched was meaningful, deep enough to make me think about life and it´s ups and downs, or at least showed me something new or a great achievement on any part of it, I definitely think the money spent on it was worth it.

The trailer for Transformers 3: The dark of the moon is showing and promises the release date for July 2011.

Here are my thoughts about it:

The first movie was a smash hit at the box office everywhere in the world, basically no one had seen nothing like it before! And it was true. Everybody came out from the cinemas with their jaws wide open and saying no more than a loud WOW!!  The story line was not that great, but Who expects the plot for a movie like that to be deeper than a kids inflatable pool? And also having in mind that Michael Bay the director of the whole saga started directing music videos for Lionel Richie and Wilson Phillips as well as TV ads for beer and.. you guessed it.. CARS!, you can´t really ask him to come up with something more elaborated.

I personally  think that the sequel “Revenge of the fallen” was exceptionally dumb, long and nothing new regarding special effects that made it different from the first one.

To have a third part of the Transformers saga is just about stretching too wide an old-time smash hit for kids and make it a live action movie with the amazing help of technology these days. It is just stupidly spending the money on something that I think even hard-core fans of the original idea are not going to like that much.

This third and hopefully last part of it apparently takes the idea (that by the way is nothing new either) that the first people who went out to the moon on the Apollo 11, have come across aliens at some point, being in this case a Cybertronian Spacecraft hidden in the dark side of the moon.

So it really looks we are heading towards seeing another jaw dropping FX kind of movie with a story that could fit in the back of a business card, and a hollywood extravaganza showcasing how people can spend ridiculous amounts of money in making just another flat meaningless long TV ad with transforming cars, spacecrafts, beautiful women and calling it a Movie….It sure will be a good-looking one…nothing more.

I rather donate the price of the ticket to and watch the Trailer for free.