Do we, Latin women really need Control?

I just came back from a Saturday BBQ on a lovely summer afternoon on this side of the planet.. I spent the first hour helping my Colombian friend out in the kitchen. She married a kiwi (the way New Zealanders are called) guy about 5 years ago. So most of the couples and families that arrived had the Latin-kiwi combination. The interesting thing was that all the Latin women gathered in the kitchen helping out with the preparation of the side dishes and salads, while the kiwi blokes and their kiwi partners were outside cruising and having beer. The table was overflowing with food, potatoes, ham, couscous, Quiche…

My friend has an 8 month old baby, how did she find time to do all this! I could see her a bit stressed out, trying so hard to have it all ready and looking perfect.  I knew exactly how she felt as I have been in her position many times only to finish exhausted at night asking my partner if He had a good time…

I could overhear the conversations from my other latino friends. “…it is the Latin society and the macho men that make the woman so into serving them.” “Actually, I think is more the need of latin woman to have everything under control”, I said.  How many times our partners offer us help and there we are telling them how to do everything?  Maybe it is just me. But I wake up with the whole list of To Do things in my mind, the things I’m cooking even have a snapshot in my head of how they are going to be dished!  They all laughed and agreed… “True”, my friend and host confessed… “I went to bed at 1 am last night peeling and baking  4 trays of potatoes”. There we were all playing perfect housewives…I must say though we were all self-aware of this, so no victimhood here. The whole Navidad or Christmas? came to mind…Another cultural difference I thought…simplicity is much more relaxing! So I stopped helping, took my shoes off, grabbed a cold beer and joined the rest in their garden chairs and bean bags and had a decent lazy Saturday.

By the way, here is the recipe I have in mind for tomorrow’s late Sunday Brunch … Steamed Asparagus with Poached Eggs and Hollandaise

That is if I don’t prolong my kiwi role and decide to just go out in town to a nice Cafe like Havana Bar new restaurant or Fidel´s and let someone else make it for me…Perfect!

Oh! and before I go to dreamland…here is a letter worth reading. I know Moore can sometimes be satiric but that is his style and why his messages do come across. I agree with him in this one.

Dear Government of Sweden

I’m Off