Revolution is possible

Review on The Limits of Control: a film by Jim Jarmusch

 By Alex DLR for Onlifemag.

A great inspirational movie for all those revolutionaries out there who just want to change how the world currently works, or at least put our little grain of sand in the hands of change.

The film was made by Jim Jarmusch, the same director of Dead Man, Broken Flowers and the Coffee and Cigarettes saga, probably these are his most famous films. Even though he could not be labeled yet as one of the best  Art house film american directors, he would be definitely on the right track.

I just read the Plot on Imdb: “The story of a mysterious loner, a stranger in the process of completing a criminal job”… way too simple!. I think what makes this a great film is not just the short but very powerful lines between the characters or the beautiful and unique      perspective of the camera in most of the sequences but the message between the lines.

After seeing the film, I would probably describe the plot like this:

“The story is about a man (Isaach De Bankolé) on a mission,…  to break the world´s system from the inside, sure it is not a simple one, but he is not alone, he is part of a secret organization that fights against the system of control of the world to make a change. They are constantly under surveillance and in danger to be silenced or killed. A personified example of a Super man, he is able to do unthinkable things with the power of his mind and body, self disciplined and strong enough not to fall into any of the many mundane temptations all around him, like a mined field to us all….”  I could easily keep going with the description, that is how deep I think this film can be.

It is a slow-paced film, perfect for people with the patience to observe, listen, think and understand all the symbolism that is portrayed in it.

So if you are into movies like Mission Impossible, 2012, Armageddon, or the Die Hard saga, you are going to find this one extremely boring, long and repetitive. But if you are more into movies like Darren Aronofsky´s The wrestler, Stanley Kubrick´s Eyes wide shut, David Lynch´s Mulholland Drive, or even Sam Mendes´ Revolutionary Road… you are going to realize you just have discovered a hidden but very beautiful and inspiring gem.

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1 thought on “Revolution is possible

  1. I liked the review.
    Stung me enough to want to see the movie.
    I hope this movie will soon come to Mexico. Knowing that only “commercial films” come for sure. The others may or may not arrive.
    It is the way the economic neo-liberalism work so far, until… someone breaks the world´s system from the inside!

    Thanks Alex

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