The Art of Abundant Thinking

An abundant lifestyle is by choice, like anything else in our life.

Life doesn’t just happen to us and there isn’t such a thing as a victim unless you want to see yourself as a victim.

Abundant thinking is an art because you have to consciously choose to think in an abundant and uplifting manner.

By consciously I mean you have to be aware of the programs that you are running in your head and choose to make the effort to change your thoughts to productive and empowering thoughts instead of thinking by “default”

Default thinking is usually done by old programming or beliefs created by demeaning thoughts or self-doubt either by your own negative self talk or from outside sources/people.

Art is creative, expressive and beautiful and to be able to make choices that create abundant thinking is a worthwhile art indeed.

Have fun as you create through the art of abundant thinking.

via Jisele’s Blog