Royalty, size, age, chocolate and underwater love…last minute world news for 2010

It is interesting that the choice of a royal couple not wanting servants at their home once they marry is considered world news! come on! I mean is there anything else worth talking about?

I would not mind domestic help myself, it will give me more free time. Yet people who have it don’t want it…maybe too much free time?

On more interesting stuff I read about the smallest Christmas Card ever done. It claims to fit 8276 times on a postage stamp. The point of this is to show the accuracy of nanotechnology. Maybe Nanotechnologists from Glasgow may want to get more serious and follow the Cuban scientists who are designing treatment plans and medicines by using nanotechnology to fight cancer.

So after all size does matter!

And so does age…

According to an american research Maori people may not be considered indigenous because it suggest Maori first settled in New Zealand between 1210 and 1835 AD and not 800 AD as the Maori genealogy claims. It has to do with carbon-dated tests accuracy on fossil materials. Sadly it all goes down to politics. If Maori people are no longer considered the indigenous people of New Zealand then they cannot claim to be the keepers and caretakers of the land (note here they do not claim to own the land as Europeans do)and so the Europeans may keep claiming ownership of the land without remorse.

For those of us who maintain good health and avoid main stream chemical medicines, 2012 would be the year of coughing…a lot! researchers in the UK are developing a cough medicines that will come out in 2012 that will contain an ingredient found in chocolate and cocoa. The drug will have a chocolate taste as well as flavorless for those who dislike chocolate (¿?!). I wonder… instead of buying this chocolate cough medicine, wouldn´t it be easier to just eat chocolate? One more reason to indulge guilt free!

Even though the force of water has shown us its worst face this year with catastrophic floods, rain storms and tsunamis, underwater museums and hotels are the latest trend for traveling. One of the underwater hotels currently under construction is the Crescent Hydropolis of Dubai. At a cost of some $550 million, the luxury resort is being built on the Persian Gulf floor – 66 feet below the surface.The 220 suites will be bubble-shaped, with clear glass comprising both the sleeping area walls and the bathtubs.  Another underwater hotel set to open in 2009 was the Poseidon of Fiji. This resort is still being built 40 feet underwater. Another 5-star resort, the Poseidon is the brainchild of American submarine engineer Bruce Jones. Mr. Jones was heavily influenced by the novels of Jules Verne and movies like “The Amphibia Man”

And as for museums , Jason de Caires Taylor is an artist who has already gained fame from his underwater sculptures in Grenada, and now he is taking the party to Cancun. The 400 figures, weighing 180 tonnes in total and to be named ‘Silent Evolution’, will be submerged in a barren, flat expanse of the park, which lies between Cancun and nearby islands. (

Watch the video here

But really with the current weather around the world…it seems snow is the trendsetter. So under snow parks, plazas, cars and houses are available for free!  Mind my humor and keep warm and safe. …


2011 HERE WE GO….

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