I Love my culture… the food, the sounds, smells, the imagery…the art, the life!!!

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I Love my culture… the food, the sounds, smells, the imagery…the art, the life!

My Mexican Heart was one of the ways I could survive my uprooting from Mexico. I needed to share who I am and I found a way through the creation of Ornaments that I designed and made with my hands, my mexican hands. Mexico is a country full of artists and artesanos (crafters), people who have passed from generation to generation a skill or a craft…a way to keep their culture alive and so their hearts keep on beating.

This is what I wanted to do as well. So I came up with a collection of objects inspired on popular culture and folklore. It took me a year to create, photograph and design the web store…. It was a very creative and uplifting activity and it kept me connected with my mexicanity.

Here is an excerpt from the ¨about me¨ from the web page…

Through my collection of Ornaments and Hand made Jewelry I portray what makes me feel proud of being Mexican….

Frida Kahlo and her amazing world of strong and colorful images of herself, her pain, her heart.

La lotería Mexicana connects me to my childhood and the fun and magical images that I grew up with while I played this ¨Mexican Bingo¨game.

Day of the Dead is a BIG tradition in Mexico, la ¨Catrina¨(the elegant lady that represents Death) is present in our daily lives to remind us that we should not fear death but embrace it by laughing at her while honoring it.

Revolución is the way we can survive a very complex political and social life in México. Always with dignity and in touch with our Indigenous roots.

Luchadores is the ultimate mexican popular culture experience… and not for the faint hearted: is a fiesta of real sweat, blood and passion.

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