2011 is already laying the ground for a major shift

2011 is already  laying the ground for a major shift in global consciousness as well as in our personal lives… I already felt it last night.

A dream about big spiders crawling on my back and through my head woke me up last night. I wasn’t the only one. Three sets of eyes were blinking on the early hours of the morning reporting upsetting dreams as well. The morning greeted me with low energy levels and a sense of too much going on inside. I was overwhelmed of what I felt inside, a deep sense of “I need to do something” and yet nothing outside of me was happening! I recognized the inner turmoil. I’ve had it before and generally on major planetary alignments. I know… many do not believe in Astrology but I have studied it and practiced it for the past 15 years. It started as a curiosity and my sense of scepticism made me read many books about it. The history, the symbolism, the effects on the human psyche and behavioural patterns and after many, many readings I too came to believe in its powerful guidance.

I am not talking about the regular horoscopes that you read on the newspapers (although we all do it “for fun” , whether we believe in it or not) I’m talking about planetary alignments and positions in certain constellations that have a direct impact on our behaviour, on a conscious and subconscious level. The bodies of light that move  above our planet have been observed for thousands of years by old civilizations, charts have been drawn, patterns of their direct effect on the planet’s energy and bio-rhythms have been recorded. Astrology has shaped many cultures, from their agriculture techniques, to their economy trends and war decisions.

So it is not strange that at the start of any time cycle that we name new year we all wonder what that cycle will bring to us. So the search for forecasts starts.

In my case I look into how the Planets will interact and from there I can speculate of what sort of challenges, lessons and doors lie ahead.

2011 has already begun with a powerful sun eclipse with a new moon on the 4th of January in a very earthy sign (Capricorn) prompting us to get rid of the old baggage that we may still carry from 2010, heal wounds and clean the area or ground where we will plant the seeds for new goals and dreams.

2010 was  a year of deep transformation. The questions were there all the time: What do I need to change? Where am I going? How will I get to where I want to be?

So we started to realize and see all the ugly stuff we hid from others and from ourselves. Many of us started a healing process by changing our habits, by studying something new, by moving house, changing jobs or at least wanting to…maybe looking for a more fulfilling activity. And while this was happening on a personal level we had to deal with planetary cleansing too! Earthquakes and floods. Political and economical and religious systems started to unveil their hidden agendas and truths…

2011 will work with the raw material that came from 2010 and will lay the ground to start building the foundations towards new systems, new paradigms and new ways of living which will rocket in 2012.

This year is the BRIDGE that we all need to cross.  There is no way back and it will take from us endurance, patience and commitment to not only keep working on what we want to change but actually changing it.

It all starts with a solar eclipse, a moment of darkness that shifts our attention within to get rid of the mental and emotional bits that are in the way of what really matters and who we are.  This is the invitation today. Lets reflect on it.

February will bring the new Chinese year of the Hare, but that is another post.

I’m off now

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5 thoughts on “2011 is already laying the ground for a major shift

  1. Yup, the progress towards the End of Time has begun and the sense of summation is palpable.

    Odd how I gave Myself a date (12/21/2012) to work towards. But I guess even the Universe has a use-by-date, no? 😉

    Peace on Earth,


  2. Interesting! We had a similar experience in our house on tuesday night too. General sense of unease plus bad dreams. I ended up with my normally very macho 15 year old son sleeping on my bedroom floor and my 8 year old in my bed! I couldnt sleep till about 3am which is very unusual for me.

  3. Heh, my wife was especially freaked out by all of the fish and bird deaths around the globe. There will be more and more of stuff like that in the year ahead.

    Peace on Earth,


    • I think it is important we focus on what needs to be changed and keep at it. The end of things as we know them will eventually happen. Everything has a cycle of regeneration…I do not personally believe in the end of the world but in the end of the systems we have created and are bounded by that block us from becoming the best version of ourselves.

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