Power to the People…

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It is hard to write something that makes sense after what has been going on in Egypt. I watch the images, the videos and all I can feel is that something has to change now. It is beyond governments and dictators which are pieces of a bigger board, a monopoly board played by those in power, the architects and guardians of the monetary system.

Every where in the world the same images have invaded our Tv, the internet, the papers, our minds and hearts..there is Tibet, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, Bosnia, Vietnam, Chile, Peru, China, India, France… The list is endless… The truth is that the people of the world are tired of their governments and their policies and the struggle to make a living, all of us in some degree have experienced the sensation of powerlessness and frustration, to see our dreams crumble because we do not have the resources, to see that no matter how hard you work, you have just enough to make a living….and in all this we have missed the point. Over and over again, every time we see a riot in the streets of some country or city and the images of repression, we concentrate on the drama and the pain in it.  We do not see that the people who are out there protesting are showing us one important lesson:  that people, when desperate, organize,  unite,  empower themselves and they say ENOUGH!

I´m sure many of us watch in amazement thinking that we probably couldn’t do that or that they are crazy getting exposed to such violence and repression but if we really put ourselves in their shoes and think what would you do if you were in their situation: no job, no food, no opportunity of growth, no basic needs like electricity and clean water and pure corruption and hypocrisy of a system that has failed to provide the service it is supposed to..then maybe we too would go out to the streets because we have NOTHING else to lose, because we also have lost everything else.  Even our planet has had enough! Isn´t it obvious with the weather getting extreme, the earthquakes, the cyclones, the volcanos erupting…the planet is also a living organism who is suffering from constant polluting and abuse.

So my question is when is  enough? History is repeating over and over. We really have to look at the way we have made things, how we have supported a system that is rotten. How much do you contribute to it?

Do you buy and wear brands like Nike, Adidas, Gap, Benneton, Ralph L and other brands that make their clothes in sweatshops (factories in Thailand, Vietnam, China or India where people only eat rice w salt twice a day, can go toilet only once and work for 9 to 10 hours in a row and get paid less than 2 dollars a day), How much plastic packaging is in your groceries trolley?  (a single bottle of water needs 4 bottles of water and 2 litres of Oil to be made!) Do you recycle? Do you pay your employees less than they deserve just to make more profit? Do you use your car for short distances instead of walking? What is your consumption behaviour? Do you know how the animals you eat are grown and treated before they become the meat package you have in your fridge? Or the vegetables you buy, are they from big corporations that have put thousands of local farmers out of business?  These are but a few ways and a few questions you could look at and ponder.

Many people have gone out to the streets to protest and that is the way they have to show they matter, that is the way they have found to make a change…for the rest of us that may not be so desperate and maybe lucky enough that we do not have to protest yet,  there are ways that we too have our say: Lets be aware of how we contribute to the very system we accuse and change our behaviour, and above all,  support the people who are in the front line doing the fighting for all of us.  And if any of the above seems not to move you enough to do something… then hide under a rock and pretend all is ok, lets see how long you can live that way!

One simple truth comes to mind: “Ha aha te mea nui o tea o ? He tangata! He tangata!” Maori proverb

It translates: “What is the greatest thing in the world? It is the people! It is the people!

I´m off

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  1. Y detrás de la guerra, sobrina, la ambición desmedida del capitalismo, como enemigo de la humanidad. Te amo y admiro tu tarea humanitaria. Tía Myrna.

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