The Staggering Size of the Internet

Pretty BIG COMMUNITY. Its power is starting to be discovered socially, mediatically, politically and of course as a huge Marketing arena. We have not really grasp the tool we have in front of us. It is no longer a place to share random thoughts, a photo or send an e-mail to family or friends. It is a global canvas that can rich millions of people through Social Networks (bless them!). Its voice can start and support a revolution, as seen with Egypt. It can also start-up your artistic career as seen with Lady Gaga and her almost NINE million followers in tweeter as a FREE ADVERTISING tool!

Have a look at this beautifully done GRAPHIC of very heavy STATS as published via  Give it a click to enlarge it.


VIA MASHABLE– The Internet is a big place. How big? Try gigantic. The infographic bellow, from the folks at Focus, attempts to visually represent some of the mind-boggling numbers that defined the Internet circa 2010 — the result is certainly pretty, but still not very easy to wrap your head around.

How, for example, does one simply imagine the 2 billion videos being watched on YouTube each and every day? How is it possible that 35 hours of video can be uploaded to the site every minute? What do 36 billion photos look like? Ask Facebook; that’s how many photos are uploaded to the site each year. (More than seven times as many have been uploaded to Flickr in that site’s entire existence, by the way.)

These numbers aren’t necessarily easier to comprehend in infographic form (107 trillion e-mails?!), but they’re definitely easier to take in. If you’re not a visual learner, however, the graphic seems to be mostly based on a post earlier this month from the Royal Pingdom blog, which lists all those stats in plain text.

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