Why do you drink MILK?

When I was young I was told to Drink My Milk. My grandparents had a farm land outside Mexico City. Every time we went to spend the weekend there we had fresh milk from their cows. These cows were grass-fed, hand expressed and straight to the pot for a quick boil before having it for breakfast. Personally, I did not like milk, I disliked the taste and it did not make sense to me later on in life as why  were we having another animal’s milk after we had our own share when babies.

As an adult I found out that Lactose in the Milk was giving me digestion problems and headaches. These led to look into the matter with more critical eyes and I did my research. I asked many people around me why they drank milk.  I found two straight answers in most of them.

1.Because it was healthy and

2.Because ethey liked the taste.

So the first reason is easily debatable. It is common belief that milk is supposed to have calcium, animal fat and protein good for growth. Yet Calcium could be found on nuts in higher amounts and in vegetables, protein could be found in legumes and grains in higher amounts as well and animal fat was not good for you after all, it would create cholesterol and well, extra fat you do not need! Good source of fat could be found in Olives, Nuts (again!) Fish, Avocado, Coconut… So why do we have cows milk?

Maybe it was not for health reasons after all…maybe it was because for some The world is a business. The milk industry is the Third largest Industry in the world. The dairy industry had export sales of more than $6.3 billion in 2007, making it New Zealand’s leading export earner. New Zealand sells 95% of its dairy products abroad, which is a greater proportion than any other country. Worldwide, the largest producer is India, the largest exporter is New Zealand,[ and the largest importer is Japan.

Rotary milking Rotary milking sheds have a large rotating platform, with single stalls for the cows to walk into. The cows face the centre while the platform slowly rotates in a full circle. During this time the milking cups are attached by a milker, and are either taken off or automatically released once milking is complete.

So once the Milk became an industry and worse, controlled by corporations, all went off-balance. You see..Cows stopped being grass-fed and corn was introduced to make them fat faster, even though this would make them sick because they cannot digest corn.  Then they had to inject hormones to them so they produce milk all year round and not only when they have little cows of their own and finally  Antibiotics were given too so they do not get sick from over producing milk and having a poor diet. All for the sake of INCREASING PRODUCTION and being competitive with the world market.

As babies we needed our own Mother´s Milk, not another species milk to develop and grow our own immune system and become healthy toddlers. After the first 6 months to a year of our Mother’s breast milk we do not need milk anymore.

So why did we keep drinking milk? Why did our mother and father gave us milk?

Probably because they grew up the same way and they thought that was the right thing to do given that the doctors said it was good for you. That is it. No questions asked.

Hopefully now a days there is more and more awareness and enough curiosity and flow of information to gather in order to re think and re value what we have learned as children.

So here are some facts about Milk in specific and Dairy products in general. This is to get you started. Please do not take my word for it. Do your own research. Try looking into the labeling of your dairy products and research all the ingredients, additives, vitamins, etc that it has. If you do not trust the internet, then go to your local library and get the many books available about it from the Medical community, the scientist, as well as the vegetarian gurus.

Again, think for yourself and if you are going to keep drinking milk, then do it in full knowledge and conciousness and not because you were simply told.

Here is to get you started.

  1. Chemical tests on milk show that Milk has a very high level of calcium 28% (20Ca 40.8), Actually the calcium in it is Calcium phosphate and it is indigestible for humans. It also bond with other calcium in your body (Calcium Carbonate) and makes you LOOSE CALCIUM. This is the reason man children can still have teeth cavities even though they brush their teeth and avoid sugary drinks and foods!
  2. Milk also has HORMONES, both Natural (IGF-1) and Man made (rBGH). The natural hormones are ment to make a 65 pound calf into a 1000 pound cow, and that is what it does to humans too. The artificial hormones are given to the cows to make the cow PRODUCE MORE milk, this not only has similar effects to steroids on humans, but also helps CANCER sells grow.  As a result, one is TWICE as likely to develop Cancer if you drink 2 more glasses of milk per day as opposed than one.Being Breast and Colon Cancer the common types.
  3. Milk not only causes problems by itself, as 75% of the world is Lactose Intolerant, milk makes them even sicker. Lactose contributes to the production of mucous in the stomach and the small intestine, preventing nutrients and vitamins from food be absorbed and on the lungs contributing to sinus, Migraine and common colds and flu.
  4. They also inject the cows with Antibiotics so they do not get sick from being contained, not able to move, and produce 400x more milk, faster that their natural system is meant to. This antibiotics are in the milk we drink and makes us immune to them.
  5. All that Dairy manufactures care for is MONEY, so they feed the cows the cheapest garbage on the planet: A mix of animal parts, faeces, dry blood and roughage, as well as corn to make them fatter, faster. No Grass for these cows who are meant to et grass.
  6. Sometimes he machines that suck the milk out of the cows do it so hard that pulls skin and blood out of the cows.
  7. All this hormones and antibiotics, blood and skin traces and hair pass through the pasteurization process which involves only heating the milk up to 162 degrees for 15 seconds.
  8. The cows are not feed simple healthy, un pesticide grass, they are not free range, and they are not respected into their own milking process. If it were so, the cows would only produce milk for their own offspring and not for the humans.
  9. The reality is that these cows are living as slaves, dipped in their own manoir and confined in tiny spaces, injected and milked to death!

What is in your glass of milk?

135 million Pus cells

51 milligrams of cholesterol

300 Calories

16 Grams of Fat

Growth Hormones

Plus Acidic Protein (which leeches calcium from your bones)

Dairy Industry pays about 65 million dollars a year in advertising it on media.

So why does everyone think it is so healthy? Well, the reason is because the Dairy Industry pays about 65 million dollars a year in advertising it on media. Pays Doctors associations to endorse it, pays the government to list it on the food pyramid. All in the name of profit.

Options? If you insist on having  milk then at least look for raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized, organic milk from free range, grass-fed cows.

Otherwise you can have milk from nuts and grains like Rice Milk, Oats Milk, Almond Milk and Barley.

You may want to cut of your milk but love your yoghurt or cheese. Then look for the organic products. Support the local farmers that still practice hand expressed milk, feed their cows grass and sell their products in the local markets. Their survival is in the hands of consumers.

I’m Off

Ruminating Cows, like other animals that eat pasture, have a four-chambered stomach called a rumen. Such animals are called ruminants. The rumen digests food with high cellulose content such as grass. The ingested pasture moves from chamber to chamber, progressively broken down by bacteria, fungi and protozoa, to a form that can be passed into the intestine.

Biofarm organic produce Jamie and Cathy Tait-Jamieson began marketing Biofarm organic products in 1986. Located near Palmerston North, Biofarm sources milk from home farms and markets its yoghurt products in supermarkets and health stores throughout New Zealand. This is a selection of Biofarm organic milk and yoghurt products.

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