What is holding us back?

I’ve been feeling a discomfort….

It has been stuck in my throat like a heavy stone, blocking something…What is it that I’m not saying? I go back in time trying to identify the possible reason or reasons behind this…may I call it hopelessness?
The Media has been taking us for a spin…Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Christchurch, Japan, Bin Laden, back to Syria… the catwalk of disasters and violence goes on and on. We are just sitting there watching, believing and disbelieving until we have enough (had we?).

We have created the very illnesses that we suffer from. We have made a real mess and we are waiting for a  Miracle to happen (and believe me that the death of a man who represents terrorism isn’t it, nor a kiss from a balcony on The Royal wedding)

Am I the only one? No. Many people around me feel a need for moving, shifting, changing, freeing themselves from what ever is holding them back. What is holding me back? I can come up with a list of external obstacles…being the most obvious one: Money. The monetary system that makes sure you have just enough to pay your bills and if you are lucky save a little. The same system that lures you into getting as much as you can using your credit card and pay it back little by little for the years to come. The same system that increases your taxes and the prices all around you while freezing your wages. The rotten, stinky and enslaving system that we grew up into and had supported for years!

But Money is not the problem. Money was created as a very important tool aiming to facilitate all that complicated bartering system used for years and years! It was the very first virtual technology we’ve known! A price  was assigned to everything
and paper was printed with a set value so we could use it to get what we wanted.

So, when did it all go wrong? When did we decided that banks will hold the money for us? When did we accept to create money and borrow it with interest? When did we decide that having a debt was ok or that paying people less than they deserve in the name of profit was a good idea? Or that we could create low quality goods so they had to be replaced by new ones all the time? When did we agree on drilling and exploiting our Planet’s soil and take over the resources so that only a few would have control and the rest would have to pay a very high price for them?

I can go on about it and the truth is, I’m sort of tired. This is what is holding me and most of us back. We are so into what we are not getting and what we should be getting instead of actually supporting and caring for each other…

I guess all I’m asking is for a bit of Compassion. That spark inside our chests that grows when we acknowledge it an allows us to LOVE everything in us and around us.

“Go your own road”

So today…on this foggy Saturday morning, I will take several deep breaths, open the windows of my house and of my soul and let that light shine through….

That’s right, no Media, no Money, no feeling of hoplessness…only acceptance and faith that one day we will make it right.

“Paint your own dreams”

I’m off.

Photography by Erik Johansson,a young yet very talented artist from Sweden. He creates his wonderful images by digitally modifying photographs that he took himself.

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    • Thanks…we all stumble in the darkness of our fears sometimes, or get pulled into negative aspects of our world reality… but we need to remember that the opposite also exists and we need to focus more on that which uplifts us.

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