System Failure…thespanishrevolution

Images speak louder than words…. Power to the people started in Middle East, Egypt…Now Spain….your counrty is next!

The world is due for a true democracy, a peaceful people´s movement that brings results instead of war and militar intervention… these are the promises behind The Spanish Revolution.

It is not about dictators or terrorists, it is about the economic system that has failed millions of people who are jobless and living in hardship.

Low wages, high prices…and banks being bailed out,

Politicians and religious leaders involved in sex scandals,

War and Drug and “The war on drugs”  are the most profitable businesses

Pharmaceuticals profiteering on disease

The RE-EVOLUTION is here. The problem does not reside in one country or two or three… The Problem is the SYSTEM itself.


You Need To Be Watching What’s Developing In Spain Right Now

Spain Protests Rock Nation, Tens Of Thousands Fill The Cities Over Joblessness

Power to the people

The world is a business

I´m off

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