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December 2010

I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I arrived 9 years ago supposedly for a couple of years!

I´m in pursuit of writing about many themes that I relate to, get inspired with, angry at, amazed or simply entertained. I also gave birth to a beautiful girl 8 months ago and have a 10-year-old boy. ..I know , I will have a toddler and a teenager on the same household, I better start praying. But is not only motherhood what drives me to start this venture, it is my need of communicating who I am and what I want to share in the hope of inspiring you somehow. Maybe through a muse or a thought, an image or a link. The idea is that we experience together life ON and OFF the digital world.

Please be patient as I am ambitious and want to fill all the categories and pages I just created (I hope I have enough time for my OFF life!) Fortunately summer is on this side of the planet and the nights are warm!

See you ON soon…

I´m OFF now.

Surviving kiwiland

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