The Mitre 10 (a construction warehouse) “sandpit” ad featuring two young boys discussing DIY (Do It Yourself) in the manner of their dads – and failing to elicit support from an Australian playmate.

From the post:  Seven defining characteristics of being a “kiwi” AKA New Zealander

Nasa, The Frontier is everywhere (with spanish subtitles)

From the post: The world is a business… or at least behaves like one.

The real Jim Carrey

From the post The television, that insidious beast…

Underwater art

From the post

Royalty, size, age, chocolate and underwater love…last minute world news for 2010

My old-time favorite video that inspires me…

From post I will not make a list of year resolutions

Creativity is endless…

Limits of Control…One of my favorite movies of 2010

Watch the All Blacks Haka

This is a reel (video ad) from a web design company. I love it!

3 thoughts on “VIDEOS

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