System Failure…thespanishrevolution

Posted on May 23, 2011 by onlifemag

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Images speak louder than words…. Power to the people started in Middle East, Egypt…Now Spain….your counrty is next! The world is due for a true democracy, a peaceful people´s movement that brings results instead of war and militar intervention… these …Continue reading →

Power to the People…

Egypt protesters

It is hard to write something that makes sense after what has been going on in Egypt. I watch the images, the videos and all I can feel is that something has to change now. It is beyond governments and … Continue reading →

“Prohibition didn’t work in the Garden of Eden. Adam ate the apple”


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Those were the words of an Ex president who had a historically win over a system that ruled Mexico for over 70 years.  He was the Obama for Mexico on 2000. He represented the kind of Change people were hungry … Continue reading →

The world is a business… or at least behaves like one.

Howard Beale (Peter Finch) delivering his "mad as hell" speech

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Governments are not serving us or our countries…they are serving the corporations. They are owned by them. They pay the world leaders election campaigns and they dictate the rules. This is not a conspiracy theory anymore.         …Continue reading →

Royalty, size, age, chocolate and underwater love…last minute world news for 2010

It is interesting that the choice of a royal couple not wanting servants at their home once they marry is considered world news! come on! I mean is there anything else worth talking about? I would not mind domestic help myself, … Continue reading →

Dear Government of Sweden/Michael Moore

Dear Swedish Government:

Hi there — or as you all say, Hallå! You know, all of us here in the U.S. love your country. Your Volvos, your meatballs, your hard-to-put-together furniture — we can’t get enough!There’s just one thing that bothers me… Read More→

“The Truth will set us free”…will it?

I have been following WikiLeaks headlines and stories not because it is telling me something new or something that I have not learnt before: that Information is Power and the more information you have and let others know this, the more powerful it makes you. But it all depends on who is the one holding the information  right?… Continue reading →

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