Viviendo en tierra de kiwis


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Líneas traviesas…nubes viajeras…La sístole del año muestra la oscuridad de la noche larga…milonguera…Tangos pegajosos se me adhieren a las manos que necesitan escribir… pero, ¿escribir qué?….falta de práctica, las palabras salen torpes, dormidas, anestesiadas…uno, dos, tres…comienzan a buscar su vida, … Continue reading

Surviving Kiwi-land


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Playful lines…travelling clouds… the year’s systole shows the darkest long night…like a milonga. Sticky Tangos hang on to these hands of mine that need to write…but what to write? …I’m out of practice, the words stumble clumsily, sleepily, drowsily… One, two, … Continue reading

Welcome to ONlifeMag!

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Life in Aotearoa

I live in Wellington, New Zealand. Yes! we have recently been in the news regarding the Lonely Planet award of¨the best little capital of the world¨, Peter Jakson´s next film production The Hobbit and the famous WikiLeaks. (one of our diplomats was on the spy list).We also had our own miners trapped but they could not be rescued ergo not on world-wide TV.

I´m in pursuit of writing about many themes that I relate to, get inspired with, angry at, amazed or simply entertained. I also gave birth to a beautiful girl 2 months ago and have a 9 year old boy. ..I know , I will have a toddler and a teenager on the same household, I better start praying. But is not motherhood what drives me to start this venture, it is my need of communicating who I am and what I want to share in the hope of inspiring you somehow. Maybe through a muse or a thought, an image or a link. The idea is that we experience together life ON and OFF the digital world.

Please be patient as I am ambitious and want to fill all the categories and pages I just created (I hope I have enough time for my OFF life!) Fortunately summer is on this side of the planet and the nights are long.

See you ON soon…

I´m OFF now.

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