My inward and outward journey with psilocybin (mushies)


Mushrooms Journey 15/9/20 Dose 2.5gm 3:30pm-8pm


My son was my sitter (legend!) and I organized my therapy room to be the setting: Cushions, blankets, music, tuning forks, and bowls… My life partner and my daughter  were also in the house.

The hit was very quick on me. Around the 30min mark, I could already see and experience my reality distorting… I started seeing shapes, strands of rainbow energy flowing and creating geometric patterns all over the place, the room was glitching and sound started to distort. I recognized this feeling from my past Ayahuasca sessions 3 years ago.[[Ramblings after an Ayahuasca journey inward. ]

A sudden feeling of nausea and dread engulfed me. I got very hot suddenly. Vertigo, a sense of confusion, and the breaking of my current reality started to hit fast. I held on to my son’s arm for comfort and I started to describe what I was seeing and feeling. I felt calmer and I could see the beauty of all that was moving around: It was like all of Alex Grey’s paintings, all the psychedelic images, and paintings you can find on the internet…exactly like that!

Everything started to feel and appear hyper-real… everything was breathing and alive. My hands lagged as I moved me a thousand arms and fingers…It became overwhelming..too much was going on.

I suddenly panicked and I wanted it all to be over. I felt high resistance building within.  I asked my son how long had to been and It had only passed 45min to an hour and the trip hadn’t even peaked (I read is usually around the 2-hour mark). At this stage I couldn’t manage the music, I started to feel really uncomfortable and unsettled, really anxious and really cold…freezing cold!

Everything started to turn into water, moving, melting, dripping…I heard my sons’ voice distorting. A memory of past ayahuasca sessions triggered fear (link). I asked my son for help. He turned off the music and put on a video lecture of Ram Dass…His voice soothed me, I could understand what he was saying. I felt a sense of LOVE from all the shapes I was seeing, so I said that out loud and it felt really good. My son helped me by saying it will all be ok and LOVE was the answer (i know this could sound very corny, but the sound of the word love had a distinct frequency I could feel…and it soothe me).

The anxiety resided for a while. I focused on one thing at a time…  I looked at the carpet and I noticed it was moving like quicksand, it was creating the Flower of Life shape and replicating itself. The carpet turned into liquid sand moving into geometric patterns continuously…right in front of my eyes! The flower of Life was indeed a template… I was in awe… I told my son what I was seeing and the sound of my voice started interacting with the geometry. The liquid carpet started to rise and form 3D shapes resembling the temples of Angkor! It was so beautiful…

Here I started feeling very orgasmic, very elevated… The ceiling was a cathedral of plasma rainbow geometry, moving and morphing into unimaginable mandalas…It was incredible to witness.

Another wave of nausea, fear, anxiety, dread arrived…pushing me hard towards deconstruction. I started resisting again. I felt like I wanted to runaway…escape! I felt trapped! I felt really old, a very old tree, my bones felt ancient… a very old soul trapped into what it seemed like an endless cycle of life and death in this dream.

I started recognizing a pattern, a cycle.

I could see my son’s body turning into sand as well, but vibrating in a Chladni plate with sand, vibrating at such high speed creating mass. I could literally see this happening.

The afternoon light entering the room was flickering at a very high speed as if inside the room time had frozen and time outside the room was speeding up.

Despite my attempts to stay sane, in control, focusing only on the beautiful glitching colours around me, I couldn’t ignore the growing despair within. I felt like, how I assume, autism feels like… Everything was felt too intense, it was menacing! I felt it was completely overtaking me and soon I would cease to exist!

The warmth of my son’s body kept me safe..we hugged for a while. I was still freezing cold…  I felt him being this beautiful anchor for me, a staff, a walking stick in this hard journey…holding me. I felt really old again..a feeling of death came over me, this time as a true balm…the quietness of this intense experience we call life… If only I could let go..truly close my eyes and go deeper…

I tried… My son left the room for a moment and told me to embrace the feeling and meditate…

I closed my eyes (for the first time) and a vertiginous feeling encased me with fractals of shapes and colours..impossible visuals moving in very bright electric colours taking me downwards and innards very quickly..too quickly. I felt dizzy and panicky, I opened my eyes. I couldn’t let go, it was too much.  I wanted it to stop… I felt tired. Another cycle of feeling trapped and stuck started. I felt I was sweating, turning into water, deconstructing… I could recognize the feeling of inevitability…I would have to let go soon…

My son came back to the room.he was only away for 5 min…it felt like an hour had passed! The room still had afternoon glow, it had only been an hour since the journey started.

He then suggested going out into the garden, but the thought of leaving my house was dreadful, I felt paranoid. So we went into my bedroom. I wanted to get warm. The feeling of shifting rooms was good. I felt lifted as if I was leaving all the anxiety behind. I still needed him with me, when things were getting tough, I would look at him so I was reassured I still existed and I was still in this reality.

This new psychedelic reality was so glitchy, so distorted, it felt like my brain was shutting down as if a computer inside my brain was rebooting…taking away from me, my entire life and sense of existence.

It occurred to me again that everything was a simulation ( I had this realization in former psychedelic journeys), a hologram. Everything a gigantic stage. I could see the energy bits of information and frequency. The foundation of reality ultimately was made of packets of energy moving and spinning endlessly, taking shape. Everything looked like the inside of a computer, including sound.

Sounds were echoing, slowing, and speeding at different rates, depending on the source..electric devices crackled while voices echoed. I could hear a  constant dripping sound, like water dripping on a bucket.

My son’s face started to look shinny with bright sparks everywhere. His face grew and became a deity, a giant. He was so incredibly beautiful and peaceful.. shinning and wise..he was beyond this world! There were spirits all around him… Japanese and Vedic, he was guarded, protected. I told him what I was seeing.

Another wave of dread and anxiety took me once again. I had to have the courage to dive into it this time…

So I did…

I closed my eyes and felt incredibly afraid… There was pure untouched darkness…endless darkness..nothing…nothingness.

I felt I was falling and falling…

Then I heard inside of me: Is OK, Let go… You wanted to see what is behind all need to let go of your mind…

I saw millions of spheres (cells) exploding and imploding like a breath and I became one tiny speck, a spark, an orb so bright and so ridiculously tiny at the same time…

Then like the screen of an old TV when it gets turned off… The spark started fading, going away until it was gone…

I was gone

I was nothing

I ceased to exist

Yet I was witnessing the non-existence, as soon as I thought this, I reappeared!

It was like a breath, like holding your breath…Everything came rushing back on and I opened my eyes…fear started to crawl back and I said out loud: I am god and I made fear, so fear begone, I don’t need you! As soon as I said this I felt expanded and a voice said to me: You want to see what is possible? What is your power? go ahead try it!

I joined my fingertips in both my hands as if holding a seed in each one and then both hands almost touching each other, leaving a small space in between the tips. I could see the fabric of reality emanating from my hands, geometry moving, and morphing. I could sense I could materialize whatever I wanted…It was so pure and vivid…

I got distracted by shapes forming inside the glass of my bedroom maps to ancient civilizations: Aztec shapes morphing and creating emerging maps right there in the window. The crystals of the glass became alive and these tiny specks of crystal dust were creating all the tapestry of ancient civilizations. It looked like ants moving inside the glass building stuff while the outside reality was being mirrored, clouds were spiraling and the sky was filled with geometric mandalas. ..this led me into another gasping orgasmic feeling, watching all this… At this stage I could feel many aspects within me thinking and having a conversation within, I started to voice all these voices. (recorded)

I could feel water inside my body moving like a serpent, perhaps my own energy currents or bloodstream.

The waves of repetitive cycles, feeling trapped, and tired kept coming like an ocean. At times it felt I was really drowning, so hard to keep on swimming.

Sunset came. It was around 6pm and I had been 2 hours now on the journey. I felt very thirsty, my brain felt like it had stretched. I saw my plants shrinking and growing as if a big cosmic breath.

I felt I had achieved a new state of being within this reality, I was in a different time and frequency. I could feel the past and future all at a soothsayer, I felt I could summon anything I wanted to see.

I saw My son’s spirit. I saw his future and his nature. I felt I was in my death bed and I was saying my goodbyes, I told him to never doubt himself and his wisdom, he was not from this world.  He didn’t have any past incarnations or stories connected to the earth.

I asked to see my partner physically under this state.

He came and sat by the bed. I saw his face shapeshifting rapidly, taking many forms. His face grew lengthwise, like an Egyptian face, grew cheekbones and shin, his face had markings (alien-like markings) he grew a horn-like half a rhino, half a man face… then he turned very very old, like an old tree with electronic markings on his face, then his face glitched and turned into faces I could recognize as If I knew all these faces…  I then had the certainty we knew each other for a very very long time..millennia! I saw into his eyes and they sparked in recognition.. we have been together many times, we are as old as each other.I felt emotionally overwhelmed at this realization, so much love and pain intertwined…he has done so much for me, always by my side.

I felt I was saying goodbye, I started telling him how tired I was of all these huge cycles… and he understood.. its almost over he said.

I was shown this carved knife made of bone and wood which symbolized our relationship. It was made of one piece unbreakable and strong like a blade.

I then connected to an ancient pain from the planet, we had done something experiment that went very wrong and everything was burning… I felt the pain of the planet burning and no one doing anything…

I started to come down at around 7pm, I felt I was regaining control, I could leave the room and watch myself in the mirror. I wanted to see myself.

My face shapeshifted into many faces as well, a very old woman like a tree with cat-like markings, a jaguar, then I turned very young very quickly, a tall Navajo woman full of spark… a blue being! I saw my aura glowing in bright rainbow colours very vivid and detailed.

I got out into the lounge to interact with my family. It was dinner time, I  was kind of hungry but still nauseous, reality still was very colourful and glitchy, I could still see my hands and the hands of everyone lagging as they moved.

I saw my daughter and could sense her emotions instantly, I could feel everyone’s emotional state even if they didn’t know it.

I suddenly became a 10-year-old! I felt like I was my 10-year-old self. I felt giggly and playful. I started playing with my daughter, we were dinosaurs eating trees (broccoli) I felt my emotions very raw and pouring in. I felt kind of sad because my parents were not with me… I felt on my own. I started feeling like Phoebe (the character from Friends) happy silly and yet insightful.

I started recalling my journey and started sharing it with my family. I felt awkward and intense around them, I asked them and they said they loved me just the way I am. I felt deep love and gratefulness for them. like there were no emotional walls around me…I truly felt like a child.

I went back to my room and felt like a 4-6-year-old suddenly feeling very upset about something, I started crying and I buried myself under the blankets… I truly felt my inner child crying and wailing openly..feeling all the sadness swallowing me, yet the sadness had the depth of a small child… then it stopped suddenly and I started to laugh hysterically!

It was like a performance, I felt an aspect of me I could feel my emotions deeply and also observe them and detach quickly.

Life felt so emotional…I could feel my emotions like colours on a canvas…

I could choose my life to be overwhelmingly emotional, out of control or incredibly uplifting and beautiful, or both.

As the trip resided, I felt full of energy, wired up. I was raw, vulnerable, and open. I felt clean, clear, and expanded. I couldn’t sleep much…

The next day I woke up with a headache at the base of my skull as if my brain had been through an intense workout!  yet everything felt very new, bright, and colourful.

I felt very peaceful, relieved, empty from emotional baggage. I felt really joyful and detached as well.

I can say that this journey was a combination of my past 3 Ayahuasca trips but with the visuals of hyperreality and emotional overdrive.


This is what I saw and experienced firsthand.

1. Everything is SOUND-FREQUENCY vibrating at such speed we can only see on altered states of mind. Everything is Energy and the rate and speed of this energy create the matter we perceive as solid.

2. Everything is INTERCONNECTED to a web/net/fabric of reality that is ever glowing, flowing, and morphing. It is liquid light which responds to our emotional state of being, our voice, and thoughts.

3.The spirit world is ALL AROUND US and IS US.  Nothing exists outside of us. We are our ancestors and cosmic beings happening at once. There is no such thing as LINEAR TIME. Everything is co-existing simultaneously.

4. This reality is a product of our minds. Death feels like shutting off our mind, the projector. When we lose our mind, we enter the nothingness, the darkness we so much fear, and we cease to exist within the reality we perceive, yet our consciousness remains. In this sense, we never die, what dies is the perception of the reality we are creating continually.

5. All wisdom and knowledge exists everywhere. (the trees, the windows, the sky, the music, the ether..)  We are constantly interacting with information. As we interpret and experience this information, then it becomes part of who we are.  We need to open ourselves to the realization that everything that is existing is showing us what we need to know and what and who we are.

6. This particular life experience is very emotional oriented. Emotions are key to understanding life fully. The more we place mechanisms of control and resist our emotions, the more we feel this seemingly darkness, engulfing us. The resisting of feeling is what we call anxiety, perhaps it is charged up/built-up emotional energy that needs to be released.  When we release built-up emotional energy, we empty our bodies from having to hold on to this energy…we let go of control and we become lighter, more open, and free to the frequencies of joy, which rush into the space we created.

7. The psychedelic experience is a true therapeutic tool to not only be shown what we need to acknowledge, but it also gives us the realization and first-hand experience to go through seemingly unbearable moments, becoming a training ground, a microcosm of life itself, thus giving us an opportunity to build emotional resilience.

If I could do it all over again, and this might apply to life itself,  I would say:

I would RESIST LESS, control less, SURRENDER MORE, care less about finding the Why’s of life or what is happening and rather EMBRACE the CHAOS, the NOT KNOWING, the unknown, and the SILENCE.

I’ll be more CHILDLIKE, less preoccupied, more playful. Being more curious and moving around more, rather than being paralyzed and stuck.

I would be less REACTIVE and more CREATIVE.

So all is as it should always be, life is but a big long and deep breath 🙂

You can hold your breath all you like, thinking you will drown, but it is the holding of your breath (your resistance) what is creating the feeling of drowning… Instead, if you breathe in, instead of drowning, you’ll allow life to take over and take you to new experiences!


Perhaps micro dosing can give me the ability to move slowly through the journey and enjoy more. Perhaps not throwing myself too deep too fast (as I usually do) can feel more manageable…yet this nature of mine to dive fast and deep has given me great insight and strength.

I was ON and OFF

Ramblings after an Ayahuasca journey inward.



Nothing really matters, we are but bits of information, sound, VIBRATION… My mind was deconstructed into a million pieces… all at once! The veil lifted. The void was SOUND and WATER, the gods were drumming… everything melting away.  I was thrown into a box of bouncing noise and vibration. THERE IS SO MUCH NOISE!

There was the felling that I was LOOSING my mind, but, of course, I was LITERALLY doing that: My ego trying to clench, resisted, warned me about insanity or worse, not being able to return… until it LET GO…

We seem to be living inside a construct, a matrix, a PROGRAM.

WAVES of music, vibration, echoed amplified, cleansing, purging me and the group.

There were Maori warriors, Quechua, Dakota, Hopi chants. The goddess of the sea came to sooth us all, with her infinite voice.

I’m a healer, I’m an old soul… I could see FIRE dancing, wood being crafted… just before I would spiral down again into the rollercoaster of sound, breaking me apart.

There is so much busyness inside, thoughts, noise, obsessions… I could feel it all, hear it all…I wanted to go back to the ILLUSION.  It is a beautiful illusion indeed…

My mind would obsess over everything, distracting me… holding me back again into the box. “Do not obsess, TRUST, trust. You’ve got this, you asked for this, you can do it, you are PROTECTED. We got you” I would muster, while hearing the shaman chant repeatedly, calling me, purging me once more.

Then I was gone again…silence…void….vibration…terrifying and intense…unbearable at times.

I could only hang on to that slit of light coming from the door…it stretched like a narrow hallway. I clenched to it as my only possible exit.

Rainbow bits of colour, full spectrum divided into tiny pieces attached to each other by strings, cords humming…transmitting INFORMATION…

The humming, the drumming… Snakes and monsters were summoned every time the shaman chanted…It pulled them from under the earth, from inside my bones… Then her voice and her water soothed, calmed us like a  mother to a child.

I could hear everything: the sea, the machine, the universe, the “clink clank” of marbles on a floor…the first sounds of CREATION…and my hand holding on to the metal of the bowl.

There was this old soul in me: this lady who was tired of waiting for all of us to AWAKEN. She kept yawning while tapping her nail on the bowl, clank, clank… She was me, board of the game… it is all indeed a game…I laughed.

I tried to call on all my preconception of deities, angels, masters… they weren’t inside the construct. “non of that matter’s here” Inside there is only noise, division, duality… all part of the program.

I kept obsessing about my skin,  the inner noise of my guts moving, the blood flowing, the temperature of my body…the nuisance and filth of this entrapment… my face melting like cold wax, my whole self becoming liquid, the feeling of cold sweat…time draggin’. There is no time! There TRULY is no time.

PEACE came in the end, and GRATITUDE. My children appeared in my vision as the only reality. I poured so much love over them. My partner appeared as a lighthouse, a star… my guide. I love him deeply..I could feel it like never before.

I felt LOVE for everything and deep UNDERSTANDING. There was no mind, no duality.

As the last songs were sung, and the welcome back was said, I could only feel like as I have birthed myself. I couldn’t help but think that we can’t ALL handle the truth at once. The Illusion is there for us to feel safe. We need to purge and clean and transmute while raise the vail slowly. Not everyone is ready to step out of the matrix… yet consciousness awaits…

The SPIRIT is beyond the construct, beyond the void, beyond the program. I couldn’t see it last night, I could only feel it guiding me, giving me strength and calling me HOME. 


-I was on and off.


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Yes it’s true, not easy but true! it shattered inside … like a ticking bomb.
No feeling was the premise.
No fear no anger no love.
Love is what started it all.
It crawled slowly…a gaze at a time, the promise of hands touching, unspoken words…it all added up.
The sum of it’s parts stacked like rocks.
Heavy load.
It must be contained, it’s weight released.
But how?
It expanded, it chocked, it grew heavier and heavier by the minute by the hours…
The space in between unbearable.
Perhaps it’s only passion, perhaps nostalgia and regret,
perhaps time lost, life not lived… forgotten.

Who woke her up?
How long has she been asleep?
The look in the mirror was that of a stranger… the eyes of a raven.

I wonder if you know, if you heard it happening… exploding  loudly…
pieces everywhere.
I didn’t hear it either, or saw it coming… it happened: You did.
Who are you?

A confession when spoken changes everything… it creates an ongoing current.
Once out,  nothing can contain it, even if its a momentary truth.
It will get hold of you, lure you, convince you that it’s real and there is nothing you can do. Such a trickster! 

I am the one you’ve been looking for.
The promise of freedom and endless happiness.
I am the wild horse, the cunning fox, the all knowing eagle.

She spilled herself all over the table… a broken jar of sticky yoghurt moving quietly… inexorably towards the edge.
She wanted to implode and become dust… disappear.
She did the opposite.
It rained words until she got too deep.
She wanted to scream, she couldn’t…she sank instead.

What are you going to do about it? Yes, you!
It was you who started this remember?
… a soft echo.

Oh, the heartbreak!
I’m unravelling silently, wet, unnoticed… traveling slowly through each of my heart chambers.
Is it possible to be loved again?

I am late.
The promise of us in the sun strolling, holding hands… the sound of our breaths sweating in unison… your hair and my hair tangled… our smiles together in complicity.
You have only started gathering memories, strokes… star-dust.
Me, I have accumulated a universe including a black hole menacing to swallow it all.
You are a newborn sun, bright as my heart can take.
I am a red dwarf about to implode and give birth to a new universe.

She sits by the tree and buries her feet in the ground by its roots.
She is the tree: arms stretch out and high, flowers blooming, crowning her beauty. She is majestic but she doesn’t know it.
Birds come and go, eating from her fruit. She loves them all,  but there’s only one she wants to keep.

Attachment is a natural disaster. 
It strands your willingness to grow… it tangles all desires, all dreams  and turns them into paper, signatures and bills.
No, do not let it catch you on a starry night, do not let it promise you eternal life… Run! Run as fast as you can.

Im not yours to hold or keep or own. I’m not your scale,  your window or escape door. I am only pointing a mirror straight back at you.
I can’t love you more than you already do.

The forbidden fruit that started the fall.
It wasn’t love but the illusion of love who took hold of it all…
A false deity who called itself god.
It announced its promise as the only way, the golden ticket, the end of the road.
It was him who one morning held her heart hostage and placed that ticking bomb…
The rest is history,  you know how it  goes!

Purple clouds crossed the blue vastness… red hues and a stroke of black.
She opened her boxed heart with a large key delivered to her in a dream.
All possible explanations were taken out carefully, as if by a well rehearsed magician:
First the whys, then the hows and at the end the truth all wrapped up in layers and layers of cotton candy.

There it was… a hidden jewel.
Her eyes covered in night sky, his  ocean gaze looking shyly…
waiting for her to just say it.
Did she?

Emotions are untouched islands until they get discovered.
Uncharted territory, difficult to map out.

Stop right there…  
All that guess-work is futile. 
Reality does not feel. It is measurable. It simply works or it doesn’t… no grey areas, no hesitation, no room for feedback. 

Gravity exists like a heavy burden, a reminder we are bound to our feet, no room for wings. 

Seize the opportunity!
Take my hands, my eyes, my unwavering love for you.
Can’t you see?
I am your next big story,  your overture… the passage to a whole new world.

Too much is at stake. 

The dream is dissolving…
I am a drop of water left on the counter: unseen, untouched, left to dry.
I am a lonely seed traveling far through barren land, looking for fertile ground.

There is only a full moon… solitary, sterile, illuminating nothing.
Her face hiding in a mask.
His, hiding in a crowd.
The dance of the knights commenced in bright reds, all gathered and ready for the sacrifice.

Will I have the strength to hold my instincts intact?
Will I keep the facade of a well rehearsed act?
The hollow laugh, the glitter covering my hands….
All I want is to touch yours!

My heart bleeds fire.
I’m cold.


I wish I knew you when I was young
The sun is gone… I can only share my moods with you.
Now it’s all quiet and gone…
Tangled in sparkle and fluff.


Morning came and with it … light.
The flowers have fallen from the tree… their scent lifting the spell.
She is stronger than ever.
No birds, no ravens, no cunning fox.

The mask is back on the wall.


She had to shed her skin… crack it open, all scales, all bones, all dusty feathers… It meant focus and determination, commitment and pain. 

There’s been always the suspicion that something was left behind, unanswered, broken, overlooked and untried. It had to be found, chased and dragged out! All those layers of boredom stuck to the bones.. all the comfort for nothing.. adventures quite dead. 

Why did you have to tell him?
Why did you break the spell, the wall, the glass box.
I feel naked and unsure
Can’t hold your gaze without holding my breath!
… Solitude.


The truth hurts the strong and the weak. 
All secrets revealed. 
Nothing will be the same again. 
Beauty lies beneath the storm, everything washed clean. 

Cintamani Stone & My Activation from the stars.



This narration is based on personal experience and is not claiming any scientific proof of any kind regarding receiving and being in contact and activated by a Cintamani stone (1) This is a subjective, first personal account of what was experienced and seen during a deep meditation and under the guidance of inner truth, usually refered as the higher self or the I AM presence. It is this presence who summoned me, conversed with me and showed me visions.

 I have connected succesfuly with my I AM presence…

I was guided towards the 8th dimension  in stages as I was listening to 108 OMS chanting meditation.(2)   I received the light encoded version of my physical Cintamani stone…

The GOLDEN light coded stone from Sirius was reunited through me with the 3Dimensional stone I held in my hands, thus creating a sacred trinity.

“The Cinatamani stone started working with you the moment it was on its way to you…”

It certainly cleansed me deeply the moment I received it as I was struck by a strong fever and flu like symptoms that lasted almost 7 days… This thourough cleanse was needed first in order for the stone to be activated by my I AM presence.

The etheric version of the stone was placed inside my Pineal Gland, the seat of my soul, and a powerful, unbreakable channel/pillar of light was activated within my chore, my heart centre, all my glands (specially the pituitary) and my chakras… creating an all-lighted-strong cocoon of protection and light around me. I could also see a light pyramid activated around my house so only the highest of energies could be received and channeled. My home was shown to me to become a sacred space for gatherings and initiation.

I was prompted to commit to my mission fully.

I was shown the many times I surrendered to the will of my I AM presence and how my life direction was steered into alignment with my mission.  I was reminded how recently I asked for this alignment again and it had been granted.

“You will be shown the path you must lead towards your spiritual mission and personal ascension”

I was told about my stellar lineage: First Pleyadian,  worked with the creator race in Venus and alongside Sirius science and technology programs and also part of the benevolent Andromedans.

“All your past has been liberated, all contracts nullified”  I was assured I would be able to reunite with my stellar family and travel through star systems once again!  I was then shown the importance of the self work I did following the work of Dr. Katherine May(3) and how commitment and discipline is required once again, through a high vibrational diet which I had got more flexible with overtime …this time with the guidance of Ascended Master Serapis Bey(4)

I was also assured that no mayor transformation was longer needed in my life as I have done it already and have done the inner work..“You would keep on your spiritual mission within your current circumstances for the time being…” I was then shown the healing center and community I have envisioned for  a long time.

I was reminded and shown codes of light that reside within me, the seed of light that connects me directly to source. I was also shown my connection the the Agarthan network who have been in contact with me  through dreams in the past.

“Pay attention to your dream state…they are encoded with messages”


I have been activated and given the template, the framework for my ascension…

I will be tested and in time I will ACTIVATE and MANIFEST my personal ascension on the next wave. I had a very clear vision of the planetary ascension process, I could see it happening and successfully carried on… In order to achieve this I had to keep the buzzing feeling I was experiencing, the complete peace of mind and presence of my divine self and the pure love that was spreading from my heart centre towards each nucleus of my cells.

“From now on, you need to observe every single thought, word and action you have you say and you take so it is of the highest vibration, of the purest love and live and work this way”

I am ready, so it is, so it starts, so I AM my I AM presence, the I AM that I AM.


-I was ON and OFF.


(1) Refrences about Cintamani Stones:

If you feel guided to get a Cintamani Stone:

(2)  108 OM Meditation I usually meditate facing the sun for 33 minutes at a time. OM meditation helps me focus on my inner truth and allow most of my thoughts to disipate quickly.  



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‎”No importa en dónde ande yo, conmigo va mi tierra siempre” Lila Downs Y hoy que me encuentro tan lejos de mi tierra, estoy tan cerca de ella. Lilla Downs me la recuerda con su extraordinaria voz…su corazón tan mestizo, … Continue reading

Our youth is rioting, do they have a choice?


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La exclusión de la mujer de la vida espiritual de la humanidad comenzó precisamente en la religión.

Así lo declaró Alejandro Jodorowski al convocar un Acto de Psicomagia con la finalidad de reinstalar el valor espiritual de la mujer dentro de la sociedad, retomando así su derecho divino de ser, si así lo desea, una líder espiritual.

En su página web de Plano Creativo explicó el porqué de este acto e invitó a todas las mujeres del mundo a participar en silencio y de manera pacífica el Sábado 7 de mayo de este año y de todos los años siguientes.

El acto, aunque parecía sencillo: Mujeres vestidas de Papisas caminaran en silencio en el Vaticano y en todas las iglesias del mundo, en realidad fue bastante provocador para una sociedad masculina y un estado-iglesia que no tolera la presencia femenina dentro de la religión más que como servidora, virgen o madre.

A continuación pongo un extracto de la invitación al acto:

ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY: En Corintios 1, San Pablo afirma en (11.3):

Pero quiero que sepáis que Cristo es la cabeza de todo varón, y el varón es la cabeza de la mujer…”

En otras palabras, el hombre tiene gran posibilidad de contactar a Dios, pero la mujer debe contactarse con el hombre para que este la contacte con Dios… Las palabras de San Pablo han guiado a la Iglesia, que las ha aplicado al pie de la letra: los hombre tienen derecho al sacerdocio, las mujeres no. La vida espiritual de la cristiandad (y también en casi todas las otras religiones con igual desprecio por el espíritu femenino) está dirigida por el vicario de un Dios Padre, un Papa, sin que se le de un representante a la mitad de la humanidad, las mujeres, encarnada en una Papisa. La Diosa-Madre fue expulsada de los credos hace ya milenios. Es hora de que esta situación cambie. No se puede edificar una sana sociedad sobre la base del desprecio a a la espiritualidad femenina y a su sutil inteligencia….

La mujer aporta a la vida espiritual la diferencia complementaria, y esto debe ser reconocido. No se trata de ir contra la religión, sino de enriquecerla, equilibrarla, hacerla justa…

Liga a convocatoria

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Estas fotografías fueron tomadas éste Sábado pasado, y aunque no fueron tantas mujeres como se esperaban en el Vaticano, no dejó de ser un acto que, por un lado causó conflicto en otras mujeres que lo presenciaron, (video del acto en el vaticano) pero que por otro rompió esquemas y fue el inicio a una re-evolución social, como la llama Jodorowski.

El acto también se realizó en España, Chile, México y Argentina con mayor apoyo y menos resistencia.

Alejandro Jodorowski nos dice acerca del acto que…

“El sexo femenino de ninguna manera debe simbolizar una tentación sexual diabólica, la mujer, siempre injustamente  comparada a la mitológica  Eva, no es la tentadora, la que precipita a los hombres al “pecado original”, no debe tener como único rol social el ser madre, sino que debe ser el polo complementario del hombre en todas sus actividades , no su servidora humillada… Esto sucede no sólo en la cristiandad sino en todas las otras religiones del planeta…”

Y el mensaje es esperanzador: La unificación de lo masculino y lo femenino en el centro de la tradición religiosa, es la semilla que liberará a futuras generaciones de cadenas y paradigmas innecesarios y destructivos.

Cierro con esta verdad Jororowskiana:

“..Si sólo un hombre, un Papa, es el representante de Dios en el mundo, los niños crecerán creyendo que la realidad es un producto de la mente viril. Las pequeñas niñas crecerán sintiendo que sólo tienen derecho a contactarse con la Conciencia Suprema a través de los hombres. Esto provocará sentimientos dolorosos de inferioridad, y más tarde, la sociedad no contará con el valioso aporte que puede otorgarle la inteligencia y la creatividad femenina….”

Las papisas son un símbolo necesario en este mundo actual, donde el desequilibrio de los hombres solos, machos, nos ha llevado a la guerra, a las industrias nocivas, a la competición incesante, al egoísmo narcisista, a la aberrante distribución de la riqueza, al envenenamiento de la Tierra.

Quién es Alejandro Jodorowski?

Alejandro (Alexandro) Jodorowsky Prullansky (TocopillaChile17 de febrero de 1929), es un artista polifacético chileno de origen judíoucraniano, nacionalizado francés en 1980.

Entre sus muchas facetas destacan las de escritordramaturgoactorpoetadirector teatraldirector de cineguionista de cine,compositor de bandas sonorasescultor y escenógrafo en cineguionista de cómicsdibujante y autor de “Fabulas Pánicas”, instructor del tarotmimopsicoterapeuta y psicomago. Fundó, junto a Roland Topor y Fernando Arrabal, el Grupo Pánico.1 Su aportación más controvertida es la psicomagia, una técnica que conjuga los ritos chamánicos, el teatro y el psicoanálisis, pretendiendo supuestamente provocar en el paciente una catarsis de curación. También es conocido en el mundo del cine por dirigir los controvertidos largometrajes La Montaña SagradaEl Topo o Santa sangre, entre otras.

A la edad de veinticuatro años quemó sus fotografías y se fue de Chile, recalando en París en 1953.  Vivió casi veinte años enMéxico, entre 1960 y 1977 (con un paréntesis en 1973-1974, en el que residió en Nueva York) y desde 1980 reside en Francia, país del que ha adquirido la nacionalidad.

 En la actualidad, Jodorowsky vive en París, donde da clases de tarot y conferencias sobre sus técnicas terapéuticas (la psicomagiay la psicogenealogía) en el Cafe Le Téméraire próximo a su casa de la avenida Daumesnil.

¿Qué es la Psicomagia? La psicomagia es una forma de terapia ultra avanzada. Es una respuesta al psicoanálisis. La psicomagia propone curar algo mediante actos que hablan directamente al inconsciente. Uso toda la tradición chamánica de brujería y curanderas que conocí en México, pero sin superstición. Un acto psicomágico es como darle una amorosa patada en el culo a la realidad. Este impulso que le das, sorpresivo, la hace salir de la inercia y ponerse a danzar. Más Información…

Ligas de interés

Obra Literaria de Alejandro Jodorowski

Plano Creativo, Blog de A. Jodorowski

Do you know since when and why we celebrate Mother´s Day?

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood occur throughout the world; many of these have histories can be traced back to ancient festivals….

There is evidence of mother goddess worship in the ancient world, dating back as far as 6.000 BC, and many mother goddess shrines could be found in ancient times inAsia minor.

Ancient Greece imported the Mother Goddess cult from Asia Minor, in the form of a festival to Cybele, a great mother of Greek gods. It was held around the Vernal Equinoxaround Asia Minor. Originally they identified Cybele with Rhea, the mother of gods. The details were not recorded, and we only know that the goddess was attended by galli.

Ancient Romans appropriated the cult to Cybele/Rhea in order to absorb culturally the Greeks and the habitants of Asia Minor, honoring Cybele in the Hilaria festivals, from theIdes of March (15 March) to 18 March. But the Romans were horrified by the Greek celebrations; they quickly associated the cult to the Roman version of Cybele and they made up their own customs. They also made a separate festival in April dedicated to Magna Deorum Mater Idaea, a version of Cybele that was even further separated from Greek customs. The two goddesses, Cybele and Mater Idaea, were eventually merged into a single entity that was completely Romanized, although they kept using galli.

The festivals of Cybele evolved into the Christian festival of Mothering Sunday, honouring the Virgin Mary and your mother church (the main church of the area) It’s now a long standing tradition, part of the liturgical calendar in several Christian denominations, including Anglicans, and in the Catholic calendar it is marked as Laetare Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Children and young people who were “in service” (servants in richer households) were given a day off on that date so they could visit their families (or, originally, return to their “mother” church). The children would pick wild flowers along the way to place them in the church or to give them to their mothers as gifts.

Eventually, the religious tradition evolved into a secular tradition of giving gifts to mothers. This festival survived in the UK and Ireland for longer than in other European countries, and it was repopularised in the 20th Century. Most people are unaware of its historical origins, and regard Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day as the one and same festival.

Ancient romans had a different unrelated holiday, Matronalia, that was dedicated to Juno; it was intended to favor the fertility of married women. Married women, independently of whether they were mothers or not, made private parties where they prayed for happiness in their marriages and prepared dishes for their female slaves. The husbands gave money and gifts to their wives and prayed for their pregnancy. It was complemented by the Saturnalia festival, where male slaves were given freedom and wives gave presents to their husbands. It was celebrated when the harvests were planted.

So, to all women out there how are Mothers, want to be mothers and are soon to be mothers…

Happy Mothers day!

I´m off

Dates around the world

Gregorian calendar
Occurrence Dates Country
Second Sunday of February February 14, 2010
February 13, 2011
February 12, 2012
March 3  Georgia
March 8  Afghanistan
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Fourth Sunday inLent March 22, 2009
March 14, 2010
April 3, 2011
 United Kingdom
March 21
 Palestinian territories
Israel Israeli Arabs [20]
 Saudi Arabia
 United Arab Emirates
 Yemen (all Arab countries in general)
 Iraq [21]
April 7  Armenia
First Sunday in May May 2, 2010
May 1, 2011
May 6, 2012
May 8  South Korea (Parents’ Day)
May 10  El Salvador
Second Sunday of May May 9, 2010
May 8, 2011
May 13, 2012
 People’s Republic of China[23]
 Czech Republic[25]
 Hong Kong
 New Zealand
 Papua New Guinea
 Puerto Rico
 Saint Kitts and Nevis
 Saint Lucia
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
 Sint Maarten
 South Africa
 Sri Lanka
 Trinidad and Tobago
 United States
May 15  Paraguay (same day as Día de la Patria)[27]
May 26  Poland “Dzień Matki”
May 27  Bolivia[17]
Last Sunday of May May 30, 2010
May 29, 2011
May 27, 2012
 Dominican Republic
 France(First Sunday of June ifPentecostoccurs on this day)
France French Antilles (First Sunday of June if Pentecostoccurs on this day)
 Haiti[28]  Mauritius
May 30  Nicaragua[29]